How can I watch drama or movies online?


Is there anyone watching a drama or a movie in real time? Somehow, for those who are busy with their own routine, there will be more people watching a drama or movie in their own filtering time than watching a drama or movie in real time. These days, there are a variety of video streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Amazon Prime Video that allow you to watch the contents of a drama or movie according to your free time.

With these video streaming services, you can watch dramas that you haven’t seen in time, and you can also search and find dramas that have already aired on the streaming service. In addition, it is advantageous to be able to search and view content from various countries such as Canada, UK, Korea, Japan, and China as well as the United States. Depending on the video streaming service, the drama and movie contents provided are different, and the viewing fee is also different. Today, I would like to introduce you to these various video streaming services.




Netflix is ​​the most popular video streaming service. This service, which is used by 158.3 million people in 190 countries worldwide, provides more than 600,000 contents worldwide. So, I think most of the content you want to see will be available on Netflix.

In addition, since it provides content from around the world, it not only provides English subtitles, but also provides subtitle services in 23 languages ​​around the world, such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. In addition, any device that can view video, such as a computer, a mobile phone, etc., as well as a TV, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.


So what is the subscription fee?


If you use Netflix, you must provide a monthly subscription fee. The minimum subscription fee is $7.99 US dollars, and the subscription fee varies depending on how many devices are connected to one account. You can connect up to 5 devices with one account.

In addition, the criteria for subscriptions differ from country to country.


Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video is a video content delivery service developed by Like Netflix, it is one of the video streaming services that many people use. Netflix mainly offers dramas and movies, while Amazon Prime Video seems to be more focused on providing television shows and movies.


For example, Bachelor is probably the most successful content on Amazon Prime Video.


Bachelor is a TV variety show on the theme of dating and relations. One successful businessman and 10 or more women compete to get his choice.

The TV program has recently attracted attention not only in the United States, but also in various countries such as Canada and Japan.


Broadcasting on ABC Broadcasting, and focusing on its streaming service on Amazon, many people have seen Amazon Prime Video.

If you like TV shows or movies a little more, you might be better off watching Amazon Prime Video.


So what is the subscription fee?


For Amazon Prime Video, you pay a subscription fee per content rather than a monthly subscription fee. The subscription fee varies depending on whether the content is rented for 24 hours, viewed or possessed. In general, it is cheaper to rent the content, so it is recommended to rent and view the content unless you really like it. In the case of rental fees, the amount is different for each content, but you can purchase it for approximately $3.




As everyone knows, HBO (Home Box Office) is a premium movie channel in the United States, and is a private cable TV broadcast in the United States that has been operating since 1972. These HBOs also offer video streaming services.

As HBO has a long history, it has active relations with several broadcasters, and thanks to that, there are contents that are provided exclusively with HBO. HBO’s representative works include Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, etc., as a subsidiary of Warner Bros., possesses contents such as the Harry Potter series and DC Universe.



Disney+ is a subscription online streaming service launched by The Walt Disney Company in 2019. Operations will be undertaken by Disney Streaming Services LLC, a separately established corporation.


Marvel movies from Netflix and Pixar movies will be available on the Disney Plus channel. As the strongest in content, it has a variety of contents, and is the most anticipated streaming service in the future. If you like hero movies, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Mulan, Aladdin, etc., if you’ve been a fan of long-time Disney and Pixar movies, we recommend using this service first.


Currently, Disney Plus offers more than 7,000 more than 500 series movies, and it is expected to be a service that will make a lot of progress from now on as it started its service in 2019. In addition, it is rated as the most competitive streaming service because it is also cheaper than Netflix at $6.55 per month.


In addition, you can check movies or self-made content on YouTube, Google Play Store, App Store, etc. If you are wondering which service to subscribe to, it would be better to choose after considering the subscription fee and which service has the most content you like.