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If you are searching for something on the Internet, you will need an Internet Explorer. Most basically, Internet Explorer built into Microsoft’s Windows computer, Apple’s built in Mac’s Safari, etc.

have been frequently used when someone is surfing the Internet. And recently, I think that Google’s Chrome is the most used of these two. Today, we are going to take the time to dig into everything about the Google ‘Chrome’ web browser, which has risen to No. 1 after pushing out Microsoft’s “Internet Explorer”, which has long dominated the PC web browser market.

What features does Google Chrome have?


Google Chrome has many features. Maybe if you start using Chrome, I think you will continue to use it for its convenience. The feature is as below.


  • Translation

→ Google Chrome has a feature that automatically translates web pages. Languages ​​can be translated into various languages ​​such as English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French and German. It’s very simple to use. When you click the right mouse button, a button called Translation to Language appears. Just click this button.

  • Secret tab

→ In Chrome, there is an incognito tab that does not record any visit history or cookies.If you use the secret tab, it is convenient because no such visit records are left. This is a useful feature because there is no log-in record and site visit record when used in a public place.

  • Extension feature

→Chrome has an extension function. This is a feature that makes it more convenient to use Chrome. There are currently up to 2200 features. If you use the extension function, you can use the ad blocking function, Googlepedia, Facebook messenger, etc.


  • Check inspect

→ Maybe this function is a necessary function for developers or web designers. Through the inspect function, it runs the display that can be seen in various mobile phone modes. I also use this inspection mode when I want to consider how my banner will look on each phone, or when I want to see the composition of the screen.



How can I install Chrome on PC?



Downloading the PC version is very simple. If you search Google Chrome through Internet Explorer or Safari you are using, you can see the Google Chrome download link.


If you click the link, you can download a file to install Chrome. Of course, it is possible to install both Mac and Windows.


Then How can I install the mobile version?


Of course, you can also use Chrome on mobile.


If you’re an Android phone, you don’t need to download Chrome.

For Android phones, there is no need to download because Chrome is already built-in. For the iPhone, you can download Chrome through the App Store. Alternate functions are also available on mobile, and some functions are only available in the PC version.


I think most people are using Chrome. If you want to search the web more conveniently, try using Chrome.