Where can I watch fleabag online?

A black comedy by Fleabag, who lives an unlucky life in many ways. She has always had a bad relationship with her sister Claire, and God mother, and the cafe she made with her dead friend is on the verge of bankruptcy.

So, sometimes she tells her true intention to people outside the TV.

I think the point makes people watch the drama interesting. The drama also won the Best Comedy & Musical award at the 77th Golden Globe Awards. If you have time, I highly recommend watching this drama.


How many seasons does Fleabag have?

There are two seasons. The series consists of two six episode seasons.

with episodes ranging from 23-27 minutes, you can stream the whole season in a little over five hours. Especially at the end of Episode1, you will find out why her life was unhappy, so be sure to check it out. According to season3, there is no news right now.


Fleabag cast

Various people related to her, including main character Fleabag, will appear one after another.

Here is the cast as below

-Fleabag / Phoebe Waller-Bridge

-Claire / Sian Clifford

-Godmother /Olivia Colman

-Boo / Jenny Rainsford

-Harry / Hugh Skinner

-Dad / Bill Paterson

-The Priest / Andrew Scott


– Arsehole Gut / Ben Aldridge

– Elaine / Kae Alexander

– Martin / Brett Gelman

– Jack / Anthony Welsh

– Doctor / Christopher Colquhoun

– Belinda / Kristin Scott Thomas

– Counsellor / Fiona Shaw

There are various men in this drama, but there is a reason. This is because the guys who met her and have a relationship with her will appear one after another.

She does not seem to be a real “Fleabag”, but having a relationship with these guys may tell people why she is a Fleabag.


Can I watch Fleabag on Netflix?

Unfortunately, this drama is not available on Netflix.

This is because it is a drama made with Amazon Prime and BBC. So you cannot watch the drama on Netflix. then can you watch the drama on Hulu? No… Hulu also does not offer the drama too.


Can I watch Fleabag on Amazon Prime?

As I mentioned above, Fleabag is made with Amazon Prime and BBC.

Because Fleabag is exclusive to Amazon. So you can watch the drama on Amazon Prime. If you start Amazon Prime, you can watch the drama for 30-day free as a trial. If you have an iTunes account, you can watch the drama on iDrama.