How can I Watch The boys online?

The boys is an American superhero drama series.

Fighting the bad guys with psychic powers may not make much difference to the Hero dramas we have ever known. But while they may look like justice heroes, they were actually the cruelest people. People who use their supernatural powers to do bad things… The Boys are people looking for such a villainous Super Hero. These factors make the drama more enjoyable.

The boys is a drama based on Comics. However the content is often different from Comics. THe reason may be that Comics is more cruel than the drama and hard to read. If anyone wants to know what is going on and looks at Comics, it may take some preparation before you read.


The Boys Cast

Since it is a Hero drama(?), heroes with supernatural powers will appear here.

(The boys)

-Hughie Campbell / Jack Quaid

The main character, Super Hero A-train will kill his girlfriend. So he changed on this drama due to the accident.


-Billy Butcher / Karl Urban

He is the leader of The boys looking for the evil deeds of Super Hero.

-Frenchie / Tomer Capon

Since he is French in the drama, he is called a French character. He is a smart person and has a very kind personality.


– MM(Mother’s Milk) / Lax Alonso

– Kimiko / Karen fukuhara



In the case of The Boys, there are a lot of changes such as the main super hero and the introduction of new members.


The newly introduced members are called Seven.

Hero, but actually cruel people.


– Home lander / Antony Starr

– A-train / Jessie T. Usher

– Starlight / Annie January


Can I watch the drama on Netflix?

I know that Netflix is a great-grandfather of all streaming services.

Also you can watch many contents there. However, unfortunately, The Boys is not available on Netflix. In the case of Hulu, you cannot stream the drama too. Because the drama is made by Amazon originally. So it can watch Amazon Prime only.


Can I Watch the drama on AmazonPrime?

As I mentioned above, The Boys is made with Amazon Prime.

So you can watch the drama on Amazon Prime.

If you start Amazon Prime, you can watch the drama for 30-day free as a trial. In the case of The Boys, there are season 1 and season 2. Amazon Prime also provides the all season’s episode. So Please kindly check Amazon Prime Video.