How can I use Gmail?

Gmail is probably the easiest email service to use right now.

It is very convenient because you can check emails in conjunction with logging on your smartphone.

Gmail is very convenient because it sorts various emails. It is very convenient to use promotional emails from companies because they are separated into promotional email boxes and invoices are sorted by invoice. When Gmail was created for the first time, we were able to use it by receiving an invitation from a Gmail User only.

so when we first used Gmail, it was very restrictive. However, not it’s easier to register as a member and use Gmail. So, I would like to introduce you to using Gmail.

First, Please sign up Google Account

First of all, you can easily use Gmail by registering as a member of your Google account. It is simple to sign up.

1. Please click the button above the right side.
Then you can watch the login page.
2. Click the create account button under the login button.

In case of individual users, you can choose for yourself or not, you can choose to manage my business.

3. Add your information and your ID

if you click the button, you have to add your private information.
if you finish to write down your information click the next button and sign up is done.

If the PC you are using is for personal use, you would better to save your ID and PW to make it more convenient. But if it is a public PC, you should not save your ID and PW to prevent hacking your information.

Second Log-in Gmail

Logging in to Gmail is very Easy.
1. write down “” on your chrome or click the Gmail button on the right side of the chrom.
2. Put your email address and click the “next” button.
3. Put your PW
Then you can login to Gmail easily.

Third When you want to use on Smartphone

You can use Gmail on your mobile phone, whether it is an iPhone or Android phone. First, open your mail app on your smartphone. Then you will be prompted to login in with your email and PW. Just enter your Gmail address and PW there and you can link Gmail to your mobile phone.

Or you can download the Gmail app. Both are convenient, so try it the way you like.