How to watch star wars online?

Star Wars has long been loved by many people. Among those people, somebody buys their own DVD or Blu-ray to watch the movie freely.

However, just like casual fans of Star Wars, they want to watch the movie without any DVD purchase. Because these days our laptop computer does not have any recorder to read DVDs.

If you have signed up for some video streaming platform such as netflix, amazon or disney channel, they suggest a Star Wars movie.

Today I would like to introduce some options to watch the Star Wars series. These options can watch Star Wars are not free, and you have to pay to watch it.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon, which is the largest e-commerce site in the US, suggests the video streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. Through the Amazon Prime video you can watch the Starwars Series.

It is simple to search the Starwars. Just Search “Star Wars” on Amazon’s search bar, then you can check the Starwars series on the result of search. It does not need to install to watch it.

Each series film is available for digital purchase; pricing for HD is $19.99. If you want to rent it for 24 hours you can get only $3.99.



Yes, on YouTube, you can watch the Star Wars Series too. YouTube’s movies category also offers Star Wars’s official content.

If you want to rent the movie, you can watch for $4 or $6. and If you purchase it you have to pay $20. On YouTube, they have some episodes such as Episode VII, Episode VIII, Rogue One, and Solo. So if you want to watch other things.

Also On YouTube, Star Was opened their official channel. so you can watch a movie clip or B-cut too.



Google Play Store

Google Play Store has all the Star Wars series. If Android phone users.

Or If you use chrome on your PC, you can watch the whole series through Google Play Store, although you are an iPhone user.

On Google play Store you can purchase all the series at one almost $40. It is the same as searching for the movie. Just search “ Star Wars” on the search bar, and click the contents, then you can check the rent and purchase price. Also it does not need any install to watch it too.



Many people imagine that Netflix has all the content all over the world. So they think they may offer a Star Wars series too.

Unfortunately, in case of there is no Star Wars series in netflix. So if you want to watch Star Wars, please kindly check the above streaming video service platform.