How can I check my ip address?


In the everyday world, it is rare if you do not have your own address.

The address is necessary when making a passbook at a back, making a mobile phone, or at least registering as a member too. Same as everyday world, In network, we have an ip address when we use the Internet.

Each laptop, desktop PC, even though on your Smartphone, we can check our ip address. If you are online. The IP address has various information including location information and it is used when searching for a criminal on the Internet or using other information.

What is IP address?

This number is an exclusive number on all information technology devices such as wi-fi router, modem etc) which identify and allow them the ability to communicate with each other on a computer network.

According to condition, ip address is divided into dynamic IP address and Static IP.

Dynamic IP address: An IP address that is not static and could change at any time.

Use VPN, we can get a Dynamic IP. VPN is used at the workplace when we have remote work. Some companies are restricted to access different IP on their network service, at that time the company offers VPN, and if you access VPN then you can get a different IP address to access the company network.


Static IP Address: An IP address that never changes and is fixed. This is in contrast to a dynamic IP address which may change at any time. Most ISPs have a single static IP or a block of static IP’s for a few extra bucks a month.


How can I check my IP address?


It is a simple way to know your IP address.

You can just type “what is my ip” or “My IP address Check” or “My IP address” on the search bar on google.

then Google let you know your public IP address.

However they only show IP addresses, if you want to know more details, it would be better to use another website.




it is a website to know your IP and other information such as address. It is the simplest way to know your IP too. Just access the website, then you can know your IP address easily. Also they offer My IP information, Internet Speed Test, IP Address Lookup and so on. So when you want to know more details about your IP, please access the site.

IP addresses have become αn indispensable part of online activities. In addition, personal information is also included in it too. Some hackers or other technicians can easily know  our ip address. Generally all ip numbers are hidden. I don’t think there is any problem if you use it while observing the Internet information norms and security.