How to check Internet speed?


I think internet speed is important when you watch Netflix or YouTube.

Also the faster the internet speed, the faster the work, even when registering as a member or searching for something online. We all know how frustrating a slow internet connection can be. So there are some tools to check internet speed. I would like to share as below.


Why check internet speed?


In order to create a more comfortable internet environment, we will measure the speed of the internet.

If it takes a few minutes to send an email, it can be fatal to your business. The internet speed measures by Mbps. Mbps meaning is megabits per second. Bits are tiny units of data, with a megabit representing a million of them. the higher number of Mbps you have, your internet is speedier than others.


A high number of Mbps makes you more convenient. For example, you can download music or video more quickly and it makes it easy to play online games. Therefore some people care about Mbps. Generally, we define superfast broadband as being over 24Mbps as a download standard.


Where do you check my internet speed?


There are several tools for checking internet speed as below.


1.Speedtest (

It is a simple tool for checking internet speed.

First, you can access the homepage.

Second you can just click “Go” button

Then, Speedtest will let you know your Mbps.



It is also simple to check internet speed.

you can use this page the same as speedtest.

Access the homepage, and click the “start” button, then you will know your download mbps and upload mbps.


2.Fast (

If you click the page, you can check the internet speed without clicking any button.

If you want to know more details, click the detail button which is located under the number.

Surprisingly, you can use the site that measures the speed by searching on the Internet for free.


Is it possible to check the speed of mobile 4G?


Yes, if you use a smartphone you can check your internet speed of 4G or 5G. download the app through the App store or Google Play Store, you can check your mobile phone’s internet speed. Or Please access the page above the article.


Access the page, you will know the mobile phone’s speed. Unfortunately, since wireless data varies drastically on where you are when you test it, and how strong your signal is with a nearby tower, you cannot really just call and have your modem reset as you would with home internet.


So if you want to change your internet provider due to slow speed, you can check internet speed with these tools. Check the public wi-fi through the tools, and find the good provider. Then you can choose a good internet provider with the highest speed.