How can I check my tax refund?


Company employees and self-employed people who are earning income tend to be nervous during the tax adjustment season.

You may have paid less taxes, which could result in unexpected taxes.


On the other hands, you may be asked to return the tax by paying a lot of tax. In this case, some people say that it is the 13th salary depending on the amount of money. If so, find out how you can check for such tax refunds.


Where can I check the tax refund?


You can check tax refund on (

You can check your refund status on the homepage.

Follow the steps on the page, you can check your tax refund.


  1. Insert social number

If you are eligible for living in the USA, of course you have a social number. So please check your social number.


  1. Filling the Status

Secondly you have to insert your status. when you are single, there seems to be less tax refundable in some states. The more families you have, the more dependents you have, and the higher the amount you will get a tax refund.


  1. Check the refund status

If you fill the information as above, you can check the amount of tax refund. In general the more people who pay more income tax and the more dependents they have, the more money they will get refunded.


If you have inquiry of tax reporting or tax refund.


Are you worried about being paid more or less tax? Then you can check FAQ about the TAX on They have many FAQ about “Filing Your Taxes”, “Tax withholding” and “Tax refund”. Also they provide an espanol version too. So when you have an inquiry about Tax, check they can help you to know about tax.