Overwatch Free Download

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shot published and created by Blizzard Entertainment.

The game is set in a future where peace is ensured by the eponymous organization, established decades ago for protection against attack by renegade robots.

They have over 30 characters that are called “heroes”. This game was launched by a drama. but there have been many arcade game modes, and also a host browser, an aggressive manner inserted after launch. Blizzard has added new characters and game style with no charge. But according to your game style you have to charge some items.


Is the Overwatch for free?

Unfortunately, officially Overwatch is not distributed for free. Overwatch charged $39.99 for the normal version and $59.99 for the Legendary Edition. If you love this game, you might not hesitate to spend the money for the game. I think that downloading with charge is a safe way to download and enjoy Overwatch.

Then How Can I download Overwatch for free?

But there is not no way to enjoy Overwatch for free. If you get an overwatch account for free, you can play the game choosing your favorite ‘hero’. I would like to recommend downloading Overwatch for free as below.


1.Install Battle.net app you can enjoy Overwatch

Battle.net app by Blizzard Entertainment can play Overwatch for free on your PC.

To play Overwatch, you have to download the Battle.net app and sign up by using Blizzard account. So it is a good way to create an account in advance. Simple method, you can create the account by linking the Facebook account.

If you finished the Battle.net app, please open command windows. and paste the code that “ battle.net-game=prometheus-install” then you can check the screen that was installed on Overwatch.

  1. Check the free Overwatch accounts list 2020

There are free Overwatch accounts available on the internet donated by some players. If you want to check the accounts, please type “Overwatch account list 2020” or “Overwatch account list” on the web. Some people offer their account and pw on the web and you can use it to play.


However, the free version of Overwatch can have various restrictions. if a player shared overwatch accounts, if you change the password, the account is possible to be banned.  Also these accounts are possible to not renew as of user’s convenience. Thus, I recommended installing the game with the charge.