How to install App store


If you use only Android, you may not know the details in the App Store(iTunes Store). If you use an iOS smartphone, you can use various contents such as downloading apps, downloading movies and books. Installing various apps will make your smartphone using life more convenient. So, I would like to find out how to download the app in the App Store(iTunes Store) and how to download content such as movies, book from the App Store(iTunes Store).

How to use the App Store for installing the App?

It is very simple to install from the App store. First, you can use the App store on your smartphone to download apps or content. You can check the category of apps or search on the bar to find out your app. Also the apps are divided paid or non-paid.

Some camera apps are paid for using it. According to the preference of someone, they install Tiktok, Instagram as a SNS, and also installed Spotify or Apple Music to listen to music. There are various apps in the App store. Please kindly check the apps and install it.


How to install the App by using PC

Of course, to use the App Store on your PC, you have to use MAC as your PC.

There is no need to install the App Store because the App Store is already installed in the MAC. Same as Google Play Store, when you link to your smartphone and App Store by using App Store’s ID, you can download the app on your smartphone. In case of apps, some apps are installed on your PC.  Regarding using the PC version of the App Store, it is the same as on apps in smartphones.


How to pay for installing?

When you want to download the app, some apps have to pay for installing it. At that time, you registered your credit card on your App Store ID, you can pay it automatically by using your registered credit card.

Or you can use the App Store’s gift card, when you download something. The amount of charge money is from $ 1o to $ 100. Please check the giftcard you need when you want to consider buying it.


Can I watch movies or listen to music or read a book via the App Store?


Through the App store, you can download movies or books or music contents. Although iPhone or MAC users are watching movies and reading books through the App store, I think most people use Apple Music.

Because they have over 60 million songs all over the world on their platform also it can be used without online. So many people feel comfortable using it. Furthermore when you subscribe to Apple Music, they offers 3month free subscription.