How to install Google Play Store

If you use only iOS, you may not know the details in Google Play Store.

If you use an Android smartphone, you can use various contents such as downloading apps, downloading movies and books. Installing various apps will make your smartphone using life more convenient. So, I would like to find out how to download the app in Google Play Store and how to download content such as movies, book from Google Play Store.

Installing apps from Google Play Store

The simplest method for installing Google Play Store will already know. First, access Google Play Store that is already installed on your smartphone. If you are Android smartphone users, Google Play Store’s app already input your phone. From there, you can browse through the Google Play Store and download the apps you need or you can search the app that you want to install.

According to users, they are downloading different apps that they want. People who like shopping online, they necessarily install Amazon shopping, Ebay and so on. For communication with people, someone downloads messenger or instagram what apps and so on.

In addition, the app is divided into paid install and free installs, so when you make a payment, please kindly check whether it is free or paid and how much it is.

How to download movie or books from Google Play Store

You can download movies or books and other content from the Google Play Store too. When you want to use the content on Google Play Store, you have to pay for the contents. There is free content too, however it is hard to find.

you can check the movie category or book category on Google Play Store or can search the movie that you want to watch.
For these contents, the payment amount will differ depending on whether you purchase or purchase on a 24-hour basis.
When renting content for a limited time, it is cheaper than purchasing it.

How to use Google play store from your PC

Of course, there is a web version Google Play Store. when you want to check it please access Chrome or Explore.

Then, what can the web version of Google Play Store do? if you access the Google Play Store and log in, the device will be automatically linked to the Google Play Store when you use the Google Play Store on your smartphone. (When linked, it can be linked with your Google ID.) Therefore, even if you install the app on your computer, you can install the app on your registered smartphone.
Regarding using the web version of Google store, it is the same as on apps in smartphones.

How to pay for installing?

When paying for paid apps and contents on Google Play Store, you can use credit cards or gift cards from Google Play Store. In case of gift cards, the amount of charged money is from $10 to $100. So Please check the giftcard you need when you want to consider buying it.