Expected tesla stock split: the information that you want to know


Tesla announced the stock split on August 11 and since that date its shares have increased. Tesla stock trades for the first time since splitting 5 for 1. The stock closed at $498.32. it has increased 12.6%.


Also for your information, The split will not change the value of investors’ total holding of the company. it will just grow the number of shares making up their portfolios. Tesla stockholders are getting shares for each share they held last week.

Then how to change Tesla’s stock?(Tesla Stock’s forecast)

Tesla stock price in 5years is still high. Somebody is expected to rocket above $3,000 or more. Ron Baron who is the billionaire investor interviewed with CNBC in June 2020. According to him, Tesla’s stock meteoric rise will continue for years to come. He said that Tesla’s stock is going to be $ 2000 or $ 3000 in five years and a multiple of that over the next five years. As you already know, Tesla’s stock was trading at just $ 400 – $ 900 in early June. Now, Tesla’s stock is trading with high prices within these 2 months.


However, Some analysts predict the stock to increase to $7,000 in five years.

According to Wall Street’s biggest Tesla bull, Catherine Wood who is money manager, she said the stock value is up to $7,000 in five years.

Of course, this Tesla stock’s long term forecast is backed up by the increased demand for electric Vehicles, and TEsla’s ability to lower the cost of its batteries.

As a result it would be better to invest in Tesla, if you are interested in.

In 2020, many companies will go bankrupt or struggle to manage their companies due to COVID-19. Because of COVID-19, the stock market is confused, and some investors are struggling to decide what company they should invest. However, Tesla surged by more than $400 percent to a new all time high of $2,295 in August 2020. So I think it is a good investment to purchase Tesla’s stock.

Somebody said that tesla has always been a controversial and highly volatile stock, which makes it both a risky and attractive invest option. Also No one knows for sure how to change that in the future. Thus, based on the analyst’s prediction and study about the industry, it would be better to invest in the right way.