How can I watch America Got Talent for free online?

America Got Talent, which is the best audition program on NBC’s new season, started in May 2020. Live from Universal Studios Hollywood, 11 performers compete for America’s vote and a $ 1million prize as judging is turned over to the viewing audience, an NBC press release says. For more details on the upcoming season, including all the performers such as dancer, singer, actor moving on past the auditions.


America Got Talent Seasons and content

America Got Talent has 15 seasons now. First season started June 21 2006. From 2006, each year, NBC was running America Got Talent. This Season, the auditions were held in late 2019. Each act that performed in front of the judges was given 90 seconds to demonstrate their talents for the judges. If an act received at least three “yes” from the judges, the participants can go next round. Through this audition, Kelly Clakson, Paul Potts become a big star.


America Got Talent Cast

As a judge, Sofia Vergara who is an act in Modern Family joined America Got Talent as a judge. Also Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum who was a judge from season 8 to 13 is returning and joining America Got Talent season 15. Also as a guest judge, Kelly Clarson and Eric Stonestreet, Kenan Thompson joined too.

As a host, Terry Crews has been a host since season 14. Before Terry Crews, Tyra Banks who is a famous model was a host in America Got Talent.


Where can I watch America Got Talent for free online?

If you want to watch America Got Talent, you can check YouTube, Netflix too. On YouTube, they have all episodes of America Got Talent. Regarding America Got Talent Season 15, on Youtube NBC are running all episodes.Or you can watch NBC’s homepage. If you are interested in the episode, you can watch America Got Talent via YouTube for free.