How to Watch for free Love Island USA Season2

CBS’s hit TV series ‘Love Island USA’, the American dating reality show based on the British series Love Island. It is already released by CBS and many people are interested in their story. Also its previous season finished on 8/7. As a new season, Love Island USA seasons 2 started in August.

Love Island USA Season 2 Cast

The names of the participants for season 2 have already been announced by CBS. We have 11 new singles. they are ready to battle it out for love and the grand prize.

Love Island USA Season 2 cast members are:

Moira Tumas, 28

Kaitlynn Anderson, 27

James McCool, 27

Justine Ndiba, 27

Tre Forte, 25

Mackenzie Dipman, 24

Cely Vazquez, 24

Connor Trott, 23

Johnny Middlebrooks, 22

Carrington Rodriguez, 22

Jeremiah White, 22

Also, the host is Arielle Vandenberg who is the best known for her roles in ‘Greek’, ‘The Ugly Truth’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and so on. Matthew Hoffman joins her as the narrator.


Love Island Released Day

Love Island USA season 2 released Monday 24 August on CBS.


Where can I watch for free?

You can check the video via CBS’s homepage.


However, the video can be watched by people who live in the USA only.

This is because of the persky digital phenomenon known as geo-blocking, which results in most Big Brother US lives streams being restricted to specific parts of the world

Unfortunately, if you are abroad today you will need a VPN(Virtual Private Networks) to do so.

VPN offers a legal solution to this common internet woe and is remarkably easy to set up and operate.

So if you want to watch Love Island USA Season2, please kindly check whether you can use VPN or not.